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Winery register, content flow, chemical analyses, oenological additives, grape purchase and pick-up, harvest invoice, supplier payments, integration with measuring devices, refractometers, scales, WineScan, ERP (accounting application), temperature measurements, and IoT devices.

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EVINAR is software for the digitalization of production processes in larger wineries. It enables harvesting management, grape purchase and pick-up, keeping a wine register with flow data, chemical analyses, added oenological additives, and wine transfers from the cellar to the bottling plant. Activities are interconnected by work assignments.

EVINAR contains numerous links/connections to various hardware and software (laboratories, scales, refractometers, pumps, screens, NFC/RFID cards, measurement sensors, etc.). It also enables connection to different ERP systems with which it exchanges data (synchronization of items, suppliers, goods receipt and dispatch, invoice entry, and harvest payments).

Used in some of the largest wineries in Slovenia.

EVINAR consists of the following main modules: Winery register, Harvest management and Work assignments.

Winery register

Control Panel

The control panel provides central information about the activities currently taking place in the winery. It displays data on open work assignments, content flows, additives, and recent chemical analyses. It contains quick access buttons and shortcuts to frequently used pages.
Nadzorna plošča s ključnimi podatki
Control panel with key information (open work assignments, content flows, chemical analyses, quick access buttons, and shortcuts)

Work assignments

Individual activities in the winery can be managed with specially adapted work assignments, which enable employee task assignment and monitoring of the work done. There is also a special page for quickly assigning tasks in the work calendar.

Open work assignments with the possibility of searching by various criteria.
Open work assignments with the possibility of searching by various criteria.
Display of work assignments in the work calendar.
Display of work assignments in the work calendar.

Barrel and content register

A simple register of barrels arranged in cellars. Quick and simple overview of content, performed chemical analyses, added oenological additives, and all related flows in content creation for each barrel. It is also possible to quickly access the previous content of each barrel. If integrated with the accounting app, the barrels will connect to the warehouses in the accounting app. The current content state/stock will be specified in ERP as well..

Overview of barrels and their content with the possibility of searching by various criteria.
Barrel content details, analytical logs, flow and additive tracing
Barrel content details, analytical logs, flow and additive tracing

Content flows

Content flows record all movements of content between barrels in the winery, such as filling, refilling, decanting, emptying, leaving the cellar, etc. If connected to the accounting application, a corresponding input and output register will be created for each event.

Overview of content flows with search filters
Creating a new flow
Creating a new flow
Graf sledi pretokov, dodatkov in analiz
Content creation graph showing flows, additives, and analyses.

Oenological additives

A simple way to record all added oenological additives in the content of each barrel and review them according to various criteria. Integration with ERP enables the automatic creation of received and issued used material data. At the same time, the content value/price will be increased.

Overview of added oenological additives with searching options
Nov dodatek enološkega sredstva
Adding a new oenological additive. Mass-intake of additives into several barrels simultaneously is also possible.

Chemical analyses

It is possible to record the chemical analyses of each barrel's content. Integration with laboratory equipment for analysis data collection (WineScan) is also available. The app enables the monitoring of more than 30 different chemical analyses.

A review of the latest chemical analyses with search options.
Creating a new chemical analysis. Importing chemical analyses from laboratory devices (e.g., WineScan) is also possible.

IoT, sensors, measurements, and alarms

The software enables measurement collecting from various devices and data recording for each content, barrel, and cellar. The collected data can be displayed as graphs, filtered according to different criteria, or exported for further processing. The app has the option of alarm setting to warn of an exceeded measurement value.

Shema kleti in temperatura posod
Scheme of barrels in the winery with display of content and temperature
Grafični prikaz temperature posode
Display of measured values of various sensors on the barrels.

Integration with ERP (accounting application)

Integration with ERP enables stock adjustment and recalculation of barrel content with each flow or oenological additive addition. Also, corresponding items and warehouse output and input registers will be created for the content.

Harvest management

Supplier register

The supplier register enables recording all necessary data for crop purchase, invoicing, and payment. Integration with the accounting application enables automatic transfer of the supplier data to this module.

Porobnosti dobavitelja
Supplier details

Vineyard register

The vineyard register enables accurate recording and review of data by year. The vineyard data can include number and variety of vines, spacing between vines, year of planting, cultivation method, soil type, exposure, etc. This data can then be used in various reports and analyses.

Vineyard details
Vineyard details
Vineyard details
Overview of all vineyards on the map. Data on the shape of vineyards can be imported from external sources.
Displaying various indices across vineyards - an example of NDVI from satellite images.

Purchase codes and price lists

With the help of purchase codes, we determine which varieties and quality of grapes we will purchase and their price. The application allows different ways of determining the price according to criteria such as sugar level, vineyard area, quality, type of supplier, etc.

Porobnosti točkovnika
Scoreboard details

Supplier announcements

As part of supplier announcements, we record data on planned grape deliveries, as well as the pick-up announcement for each day. In a special table, we can monitor the realization or compare the announced and actually delivered in quantities. In the pick-up app, the pick-up can be limited to only announced purchase codes.

Pregled najav dobaviteljev
Overview of supplier announcements

Grape pick-up

The grape pick-up module is used at the time of harvest to automate the entire process, from supplier identification via RFID/NFC card, initial weighing and quality assessment of grapes, routing to the appropriate pick-up line, precise sugar measurement, to final weighing and purchase verification. Integration with various hardware is possible.

RFID / NFC supplier cards

Suppliers can have RFID/NFC cards, which automatically identify the supplier through the reader at each measuring station. The supplier details are displayed on the screen (larger Android tablet with WiFi).

Initial and final weighing

A specially-designed sugar-measuring station calculates the average sugar level by measuring sugar at given intervals. These measurements are continuously displayed on the supplier screen.

Sugar manual weighing and measuring app
Weighing display on mobile phone/tablet

Sugar measuring

A specially-designed sugar-measuring station calculates the average sugar level by measuring sugar at given intervals. These measurements are continuously displayed on the supplier screen.

Sugar measurement
Sugar measurement control panel
Sugar measurement
Average sugar level display on mobile phone/tablet

Pick-up lines and content

Grapes are picked up at the pick-up lines. This enables tracing the origin of the wine in the winery register from the barrel to the vineyard from which the grapes were taken.

Purchase verification

With each pick-up, a purchase verification is drawn up, later used to account for the picked-up grapes. The verification also contains information on the quality and origin of the grapes (supplier, vineyard, etc.).

Review of purchase verification
Review of purchase verification
Purchase verification details
Purchase verification details

Crop registration in Bacchuss

After the harvest, we can easily create add-ons to register the crop in Bacchuss.

Harvest invoice

The harvest invoice module enables the entry of supplements and deductions and the preparation of the final invoice, which is then entered into the accounting application and represents the basis for payments. It also includes the preparation of notifications to suppliers.

Purchase verification details
Billing details
Advanced analyses of picked up grapes, announcements and billing.

Supplements and deductions

With supplements, you can reward certain suppliers for above-average results.

Supplier notification

Having completed the invoice, you can notify the suppliers about the sum of all purchased quantities and their value.


The payment module enables the creation of payment orders for entry into the banking application. It is also possible to create partial payments - for example, 10% per month.

Payment package preparation

The preparation of the payment package enables the automatic creation of payments in the desired part of the entire invoice, as well as manual changes. Orders can also be changed manually during the preparation phase.

Payment order preparation for the bank

Creating a package with selected payments that can be imported into the bank.

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Some of the largest wineries in Slovenia use EVinar.

Contact and additional information

For all questions, we are available on +386 41 877 183 or by e-mail at info@vb-informatika.si.
We also offer a short demo presentation of the application via video conference.


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